24 and So Much More

Recently, someone said that to me and it evoked a sense of dread. No, I don’t have some weird death wish. What I dread is the second half of that maxim – the “so much more” part. When it comes to my age I have two schools of thought “I’m too old to be young” […]

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State of Social

“We started writing on walls and we are still writing on walls.” That was a quote from Jeff Marcoux, CMO Lead of Microsoft in his presentation “Future Trends in Social Media.” Last week, I had attended the Midwest Social Media Conference at Illinois State University. A conference dedicated to sharing the latest social media trends, […]

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3 things I love about ISA

WARNING: This post is an ode to the staff of ISA. Last week as I sat through interviews for a new Agency Director it finally hit me that I was graduating and stepping down from this position. Anyone who has spent time with me in the last year and a half can attest that I […]

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“I am freezing my eggs”

How do you get people to talk about a controversial issue like freezing your eggs? You get America’s favorite guilty pleasure to support it. Yes, I am talking about The Bachelor franchise. Six days ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I was intrigued by a post from season 19 Bachelor winner, Whitney Bischoff. […]

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