Popular Breast Cancer Awareness Faces a Falling out.

SONY DSCAlmost everyone can say they know someone who is either directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer. Nancy Goodman Binker founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is one of those people. Her sister died from breast cancer and that inspired her to start the organization. Some of the organization’s values are to support a cure for breast cancer, save lives, empower people, and ensure quality care for all. Their naturally known events contribute to the organization being the largest breast cancer source of nonprofit funds. Susan G. Komen has countless sponsors and endorsements from professional sports teams such as NASCAR. In 2011, however, Susan G. Komen faced scrutiny from the public when they chose to drop Planned Parenthood as one of their sponsors. Planned Parenthood is an organization that believes in improving women’s health and safety. They offer government-funded birth control, contraception and abortion procedures as a few of their services that constitute their values. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood to provide free breast cancer screenings.

In the fall of 2011 Karen Handel a former republican joined the board and pushed for the end of funding Planned Parenthood. This proposal was accepted because at the time Planned Parenthood was under investigation for improper funding. They requested a meeting to present their case but was denied by Komen.

How this interfered with Susan G. Komen’s values

To reiterate what Susan G. Komen believes in, saving lives, ensuring quality care for all and empowering people. Planned Parenthood strives to improve women’s health and safety, Essentially their values are the same. Ensuring quality and improving safety are synonyms of each other. In my opinion it was a bit pretentious to deny Planned Parenthood a meeting. Many argue that the move to cut funding was a strategic political move fueled partially by greed of the organization. Komen claims they were afraid of losing their donors but a smart investor would be well aware of the affiliations the organization is apart of. Donors regardless of their personal beliefs know that a controversial organization would have the potential to face trials and investigations. It’s the nature of the subject. Susan G. Komen wasn’t giving their donors enough credit. This isn’t the first time they have faced a problem like this either.

In 2010 Komen signed a partnership with the Kentucky Colonel himself. The agreement made was every bucket of chicken purchased would donate .50 cents. Many felt this sponsorship was ironic. After the Planned Parenthood incident Komen lost several of their staff members including Handel. The media reacted unfavorably towards the whole situation tweeting and posting on Facebook. Komen has a lot of planning to get back in the good graces of those who they’ve upset. Read the full article here : http://http://www.awpagesociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Pink-Politics-Susan-G.-Komen-Planned-Parenthood-case-study-.pdf


One thought on “Popular Breast Cancer Awareness Faces a Falling out.

  1. charlielimasierra says:

    This has opened my eyes a little bit because I am actually doing some charity work for the NBCF for my persuasion theories class. The way that they handled the situation seemed to have paid off considering that they are still having their cancer awareness month this month. Good topic and good research!

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