A Self Reflection of Comm269

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Nights spent in the library are getting longer, coffee is being consumed, papers are being written, and  students are getting restless. Its almost that time again, the end of the semester! As the Fall semester of 2013 comes to a close so does the exciting world of Communications 269 class. As I look back at the semester’s activities I feel like I have learned so much about Public Relations. At the beginning of the year I had narrowed my major down to a couple of options, either Communications or Political Science.  This class has shed light on my decision in so many ways.

First and foremost I had no idea what Public Relations was and now I can confidently say Public Relations has been defined in my mind. It’s like being a company’s mom. You’re responsible for helping a company grow ,and look good while also dealing with all the negative backlash. You help the company in times of trouble and you deal with all sorts of people.

I learned the importance of being creative in a time crunch. Not every person works on the same time scale as I do. What I consider top priority is most likely on the bottom of someone else’s list.

This is a business of people helping people. Mullen always says “Its not what you know but rather who you know.” LinkedIn has provided me the opportunity to connect with so many communication professionals, and I actually have visited many of their profiles. It amazes me all the different avenues each connection has taken to get where they are now. It gives me hope for my future in PR. Plus it was great to be endorsed for my social media skills! Guess being addicted to Twitter has its benefits!

I learned what a press release was and how to execute an effective one. Not going to lie when I read that we had to write a press release in the syllabus I scratched my head in confusion. “Is a press release an advertisement or what?” No, actually its a way to release information about the company you work for.

Overall my vocabulary has expanded with PR terms and my eyes have been open to things I would’ve never found on my own! Earlier in the year I sat down and really thought about whether or not this career is for me. I laugh now because I can’t see myself doing anything else!

Only a few more weeks until the books are returned, bags are packed and brains are shut down for a little bit.

Some last thoughts.

Enjoy the Holiday music and the Thanksgiving Turkey. The glorious hours of caught up sleep. Take the break all us college students deserve but remember a PR professional’s job never ends.


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