Man Seeking Woman: A case Study

According to Statista, 19 million Americans are on sharing content on Tumblr. Out of that 19 million, 5.3 are millennials. Still, the social media site was an untapped market for brands and companies until 2015.

Tumblr partnered with Creatrs to help brands gain awareness and build a following. Creatrs is a company that hires talented artists to create content for social media campaigns. It’s like an ad agency stumbled into an underground art gallery filled with the most hip artists’ work in it. You can imagine what happened next.

In January 2016 popular network FX collaborated with Tumblr and Creatrs to publish a live magazine called AVG or “Average Male Magazine.” The publication offered satirical dating and style advice for “less-than-remarkable” males. This magazine was created to promote FXX’s new show “Man Seeking Woman” starring Jay Baruchel to millennials.

objectives of the campaign

  • Drive weekly tune-in
  • Build a magazine following
  • Most of all: create audience awareness of the show

Tactics included:

  • GIFs designed by Creatr’s artists
  • Illustrations from Creatr’s artists
  • Original photography captured by Creatr’s artists

The social media campaign launched before the premiere of the show


  • 86% increase in amount of followers on FX’s Tumblr
  • 2.8% engagement rate which is 32% above the average
  • 42% saved on earned media costs

What this means is FX gained fans for Man Seeking Women, gained  thousands of followers for their Tumblr page, and cut media costs more than the average social media campaign.

FX is not the only example of social media done right on Tumblr, but it is by far one of the best.


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