Babies, Kittens, & Bacon OH MY

Have you dreamed of becoming Twitter famous?

Start sharing pictures of kittens, babies, and bacon.

Last Wednesday, social media guru Brian Basilico, his trusted companion Buddy Guy, and his creepy puppet skyped with my social media strategies class to share tips from his new book “The Bacon System: Sizzlin’ Hot Recipes That Grow Your Business.”

“The Bacon System” lists 12 easy steps to getting your business noticed. He discusses content creation, what social media is best to utilize based on your target audience, and how to deliver content that will get people talking.

My favorite topic he hit on was “The Marketing Trifecta”

  1. It all starts with your website and the three questions it should answer
    • Why am I here?
    • What should I do?
    • Why should I do it?

No one has a website without a reason or purpose behind it. They may not know what their purpose is, (If that’s the case you should buy a copy of this book) but there definitely is one. A killer website is the biggest way a website generates traffic, but how can you measure this?

2. Analytics are your best friend if you want to figure out how many people are visiting your site and how many are looking at a specific part.

There are some great websites to monitor analytics such as Google Analytics or Blubrry. You may have to do some research to understand how they work. Trust me, it’s worth it. After you know all of the statistics are you going to do anything about it? If you want to achieve your site’s objective you should.

3. Here’s the fun part: creating content

You may be wondering what is content?

  • the tweets you create
  • the posts you write on FB
  • the pins you share on Pinterest
  • The videos you capture on Snapchat

Everyone has their favorite social media platform that they contribute to. Basilico likes to create podcasts, I like to blog. Basilico suggests companies or brands should blog at least once a week. If they aren’t blogging they should be editing previously created content.

What’s the point? Yes, the marketing trifecta is cool but why does any of this matter?

The bottom line is the more traffic your website gets, the more it will show up in people’s feeds or suggestions.

Companies want to sell so it only makes sense that they would need to be on the forefront of every consumer’s mind or at least the forefront of their computer screen.

Bonus points if you create content about babies, kittens, or puppies.


Here’s me with a picture of a kitten


Here’s me with a picture of a baby


I have no pictures of me with bacon.







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