Girlboss every day but Sunday

Thanks for clicking on this bizarre post. Why exactly am I a “Girlboss” every day but Sunday? Simple, Sunday is the only day I sleep in till noon, do work in my pjs, and drive to 4p.m. mass. I am a hotmess on Sundays.

One of my blog’s goals is to create conversation on how to authentically build your brand. You may be able to define your brand in 20 words, but can you define it in 10?

That was the challenge Dr. Mike Searcy presented to my class last week.

Searcy received his doctorate in Communication studies from the University of Iowa in 2004. Since then he has taught at a slew of universities around the world. With a specialization in intercultural comm, he understands how crucial using the right word is.

“The word is the most powerful thing we have.” – Dr. Mike Searcy

What does any of that have to do with building a brand?

Two lessons

  • Condense the message
  • Be effective

Condense The Message

Building your brand is all about defining who you are as a PR professional – a professional in general. You have a voice to convey your message but people’s attention spans are comparable to a goldfish. You need to figure out how to pack a punch in as few words as possible. Searcy says 10 words or less. Your message needs to provoke the receiver to want to know more.

Girlboss every day but Sunday. It’s simple, honest, and somewhat comedic which is everything I want for my brand.

Be Effective

Duh, of course, you want to be effective. You want people to respond to what you have to say, but you have to know what you want people to do first. This is the business side of building your brand that no one talks about as much as they should. Give your audience a way to respond. Ask them questions, give them an actionable request like “follow me on Twitter” or “click here to read my blog.”

I am certainly guilty of not doing this. I’ve written at least 10 blogs these past two months and haven’t given my audience any actionable requests. That changes today.

Let’s get the conversation going. Comment below and share how you define your brand in 10 words or less. 

-Girlboss every day but Sundays, Alexis Tanner Jane Smith

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