The real winner of the debate

The constant thought in a PR professional’s mind is “How do we craft an effective message?” This notion especially applies to the presidential debate.

I logged onto my Facebook the Wednesday after the first Presidential Debate and what did I see?

-videos of Hillary Clinton shimmying on repeat and trump sniffing in a loop.

This would be the perfect time to complain about the troubles of living in America in 2016, but I’m not going to do that. Behind all of the nonsense, messages were crafted and you better believe it was by PR professionals.

Media Training

PR professionals will prepare their clients for media appearances. Whether that be on the radio or on national television the consultant will train the client on what to say, how to say it, and what non-verbals to display.

Both parties went through extensive media training. Clinton spent weeks in a conference room practicing the debate multiple times a day.

Remember when Hilary Clinton was visibly upset at Bernie Sanders during the primaries? Yeah, she didn’t display any of that this time. In fact she rebuttal Trump’s comments with her award winning smile.

Trump brings up her email scandal – Hillary smiles

Trump brings up the affair – Hillary smiles

Trump brings up her weeks of preparation – Hillary smiles and says this


Speaking of trump let’s talk about his media training.

-He didn’t yell (until NAFTA was brought up)

-His go-to move was drinking water. My theory is his PR team begged him to take a drink every time he felt the urge to yell.


It’s not just the message that matters, delivery does too and that’s why media training is crucial. An effective message is the result of hard work and practice on the client’s end.

Regardless of who wins the election, the real winners are the PR professionals. They understand the big picture and help the general public see it through the eyes of their client.





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