There’s nothing normal about “Next to Normal”

You know a musical is great when you bawl like a baby during every song.

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing “Next to Normal” at Theater Wit in Chicago. The musical profiles a family of four who live anything but a normal life. When I say I cried during it, I literally mean I cried during every song. Aside from “Rent” I had never seen a musical deal with themes of suicide, mental illness, loss, and perfectionism in the way that “Next to Normal” did.

You may be wondering why I’m posting essentially a review of a musical when my blog is centered on the world of Public Relations. I have two reasons.

  • One of my blog objectives is to build my brand and get the conversation going on how to build a brand. I love theater and I love art that speaks to the soul. I have always said that plays are for the audience and musicals are for the actors. Plays tell stories that are meant to impact the audience, while most (not all) musicals are fluff. I can name several (Oklahoma, Chicago, Grease) that arguably don’t have a moral to their story, but boy are they fun to be in. “Next to Normal” is a musical that made me question everything I knew about mental illness. I left that musical feeling like I had learned something.
  • A large part of public relations is bringing awareness to brands and companies that align with your code of conduct. Boho Theatre is one of those companies.

“Boho’s mission is to is to create bold theatre that challenges convention through innovative storytelling and unites artist and audience in the examination of truth, beauty, freedom and love through the lens of human relationships.”

Their crop of actors and shows have been nominated for several awards including the prestigious Broadway World Award.

Boho Theatre has a small space they can rehearse and hold performances in, but they dream of buying a permanent home.

This is where the public relations part comes in. There is a button on their homepage for donations. If you love theater as much as I do or if you’ve ever had a dream that needed to be fueled by funding please consider donating by clicking the link below.

Boho Theatre

If you would rather look at some pictures I took of the day then scroll down







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