A woman, a goal, and a silver anvil

Have you ever dreamed of winning an Emmy? An Oscar? A Tony? How about a Silver Anvil?

Every Public Relations professional dreams of winning the coveted Silver Anvil award, and I got the honor of picking the brain of the woman who won one last Monday.

Debra Bethard- Caplick is Olivet Nazarene University’s (ONU) chapter advisor for Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). She has her APR and runs her own PR firm inside her house.

How exactly do you win a Silver Anvil?

For Bethard- Caplick it started with Kickstarter, an online platform that launches companies through raising money. Caplick along with her team created an online video game “Windforge”

“Windforge is a 2D building block RPG that seamlessly combines gameplay like Contra with the freedom and building of Terraria. Build airships and explore hostile skies in an ever changing Steampunk world. Everything can be created or destroyed, yielding an RPG without barriers that rewards creative problem solving and improvisation.”

They launched a campaign vowing to raise a certain amount of money. Kickstarter’s caveat is that you must make the money you set as your goal or you get nothing.

“I had gone to bed that last night of the campaign thinking we didn’t make our goal”

They did and now she proudly displays a Silver Anvil in her home.

I left out the strenuous labor and lack of sleep that went into developing the game and filling out the paperwork for the Silver Anvil entry. It was no walk in the park, but this kind of work is what PR professionals live for. I think we secretly enjoy sleepless nights and frantic “Starbucks” runs.

I want to thank Caplick for telling her Silver Anvil story. I have a million and one dreams, one of them is to win this award.

To read more of Debra’s story Click here 

Follow Debra on Twitter

To check out Windforge Click here


Debra even let me hold it!



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