The Second City, your home away from home

Once upon a time in 2014, a young girl walked through the doors of The Second City training center in Chicago. The hair on her arms stood straight up, she felt a shiver down her spine, and her pupils dilated. In that moment she had an epiphany. This was where she was meant to be.

This was going to be her home.
If you guessed this girl was me, you get all the Lisa Frank stickers. Nothing had ever felt so right than standing inside The Second City, staring at my future.

Naturally, when Professor Kerns told us to pick a company and identify their social media strategy for our big end of the year project I chose The Second City. If I want to work there someday I should know every aspect of the company- so here we are.

The Second City utilizes five social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

This is probably their best use of a social media platform. YouTube is made for sharing videos. The Second City has many subsets to it, but at the core, they are a theatre. They put on shows and those shows are recorded and archived. If you want to reach a broader audience outside of their three locations it would only make sense to post your videos for the world to see. This is a novelty because 24 out of 115 comedians on Saturday Night Live trained at The Second City and several others found commercial success in their field. (Check out this pie chart)
Fast facts

  • over 500 videos uploaded
  • 83,266,504 views as of 10/16/16
  • 180, 564 subscribers of 10/16/16

The Second City posts three times a day around the same time suggesting that they use a content marketing system like Marketo, Eloqua, or Hoot suite. Their content is a mixture of satirical articles, videos from the archives, and advertisements for upcoming shows. I looked through their reviews and noticed they do not respond to negative ones.
Fast Facts

  • 149,930 likes as of 10/16/16
  • They usually respond to private messages in a timely manner

In my opinion, Twitter is an untapped platform. Their content is consistent with the content on their Facebook. However, they rarely like or respond to their mentions. They are selective about what tweets they will favorite. (I’m one of the select few!!) I wonder if they have a dedicated social media person or if their batch of interns run it.
Fast Facts

  • 7,677 tweets as of 10/16/16
  • following 1,097 as of 10/16/16
  • 38,198 followers as of 10/16/16
  • 3,887 favorites as of 10/16/16

I am a huge fan of their Instagram because it’s fresh. There’s a happy mixture of rehearsals, regrams, birthday shout outs, featurettes, and videos. You see the humanity behind the company. I could try to explain this all day but you’ll understand what I’m trying to say by clicking this link
Fast Facts

  • 13.1 K followers as of 10/16/16
  • following 464 as of 10/16/16

I really don’t know much about this platform and chances neither do The Second City. Although they have a Google+ there is no content on it. Whether this is an untapped platform or a dead platform will take some investigation on my part.
Fast Fact
5 followers as of 10/16/16

End of the year projects can be daunting and tedious, but not this one. If it isn’t clear as day I love everything The Second City stands for. I pray to God I get to call that place my home someday.

Do you like to laugh? Come see a show at The Second City!



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