Adidas on Periscope: A case study

The amount of knowledge I have on sports is limited. I know whenever I hear the distant sound of “Go! Cubs! Go!” playing in my neighbor’s garage a game has been won. I know if The Chicago Bears lose the Thanksgiving game my uncle kicks everyone out his house so he can be alone with his grief. I know the basic rules of Baseball, Football, and Basketball, but by no means do I live and breathe the world of sports. Still, I can appreciate a good social media strategy regardless of the industry.

Adidas made waves on Periscope after live streaming James Rodriguez’s contract extension in March of 2015. This 20-second broadcast made Adidas the first sports company to use Periscope to grab their follower’s attention. The stream was a novelty for the brand because it allowed viewers to experience an otherwise exclusive event.  (sporttechie)

Periscope is an app that allows viewers to feel like they’ve teleported anywhere in the world by live streaming events. Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein launched the app in 2014. One year later Twitter bought the company, grew its user base to 10 million, and made it Android friendly. Periscope is a multifaceted social platform. Users can record live video and watchers can post comments during providing a 360 experience for both parties.

Several companies have found success with Periscope, but Adidas is most notable because it utilized the platform a few days after it launched creating a buzz for sports and social media fans alike.

Follow Adidas on Periscope

Learn more about the story that set the standard for brands on Periscope




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