Let’s get visual

Let’s face it, jobs are hard to get these days. A college education does not equate a job. In high school, we are told to join clubs that will look good on college applications so that we can get into the school of our choosing.

Once you’re in college you have to continue to be apart of organizations AND you have to be on the board AND you have to make a difference on top of having a winning smile and great networking skills.

All this exposition to say you still aren’t guaranteed a job out of college.

Sorry for all this hopeless rhetoric, but the truth of the matter is that to get a job these days you have to stand out and your resume is one way you can do so.

How do you take great content and turn it into a great resume?

My suggestion is to personalize your resume by using graphics. Graphic resumes are a novelty because they show off your personality. Instead of telling someone you’re organized show them by organizing your resume accordingly. If you know how to use InDesign prove it by creating your resume in InDesign, but beware

Like all social media, there is a style guide to follow.

  1. Know the atmosphere of the job you’re applying for – If you are applying to be a business analyst you probably don’t want a graphic resume. Are you applying for something in social media? I say do it.
  2. Understand the elements of graphic design – Do not create a visual resume if you do not understand how color, font, and spacing work together.
  3. Have great content – Do not bother with a graphic resume if you do not have the job experience to back it up. The person reading your resume will feel like you were padding your otherwise crappy resume with “interesting” fonts and different colors.

Read what the experts have to say here.









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