Event planning basics: World Series champion edition

How do you celebrate a win 108 years in the making? Shut down half the city for a giant parade and rally which is exactly what Chicago did when The Cubs won the World Series last Wednesday.

“The City of Chicago could not be more proud of the Cubs, and we are going to throw them – and their fans – a celebration worthy of the history the team made last night,” said Mayor Emanuel in a press release on Thursday Nov. 3. (Press release)

Friday Nov. 4 was a financial success for business within the city of Chicago. 5 million people came out to celebrate this historic win making this event the 7th largest human gathering in history.

What do celebrations like this cost and who foots the bill? Here are the event planning basics you probably didn’t think about.

  • Extra hands –  5 million people requires extra security & volunteers to ensure this event goes smoothly.
  • Permits – Every event in Grant Park requires a slew of permits granting permission for the mass chaos that occurs there.
  • Insurance – This is a crucial element of any event. Things happen, especially with millions of people. Everything from the AV on stage to the canons the confetti came out of should be insured.
  • AV – 25+ players, The Ricketts, & Brett Eldredge all singing “Go Cubs Go” requires several microphones. Not to mention the music that played while fans were running to the rally required a giant speaker system.

These are just a few elements required to pull off a celebration of this caliber, but who exactly pays for all of this? The Cubs and quite frankly the city of Chicago is blessed to have American Airlines as their sponsor. They paid for everything.


photo credit:  AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast



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