3 reasons why infographics are your bff

Last Monday Matt Kelly spoke to my public relations classes. Kelly works at Golin, a PR firm located at the John Hancock Center in Chicago. Their CEO Al Golin was the first PR person for McDonald’s just to provide you with some context. Kelly shared his day to day schedule, the importance of having a LinkedIn presence, and a few tips on how to get the job. What surprised me was how he utilized infographics to their fullest capacity.

Every PR person should know how to create and effectively use Infographics to their advantage. Infographics are new to the scene, but they are perfect to explain difficult concepts or display several pieces of data in a simple way. Here are four reasons why Infographics are your BFF.

  1. Visual concepts: I mentioned earlier Infographics explain complex concepts in a simple way, through pictures. Visual icons and elements tell the story you want to convey. Social media posts are so much more than words in today’s age. Posts that receive the most engagement are ones that include visual media whether that be videos or photos.
  2. 2 for the price of 1: According to Kelly you can get 40 social media posts out of one infographic. You are placing a lot of information into one graphic. It may be confusing to push all of that out in one post, but if you push it out gradually the likelihood of explaining ideas well is higher.
  3. They last a lifetime: A social media post has a lifespan, but an infographic can live on forever. Visuals help people understand and in turn remember things.

Thanks to Kelly I have stop and thought about the importance of telling your brand’s story through infographics.

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