6 things Matt Kelly taught me about PR

Last week Matt Kelly shared his PR wisdom with several of my public relations classes. He explained how LinkedIn was the number one way recruiters find employees, he shared effective content marketing strategies, and he joked that “coffee is for closers.” I would love to share all the material I learned in the four hours I spent with him but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 important tidbits of information that I feel deserve to be talked about.

  1. Curiosity is required: When you get a job in social media everyone expects you to know everything about it but you’ll be better off to accept that you don’t know everything. Kelly explained that a little curiosity is good. No one wants to hire a know- it-all.
  2. The more you do, the more you get to do: I often wonder if having two jobs, two acting gigs, being a member of 3 clubs, and the agency director of Inspired Strategies Agency is worth it. According to Kelly it is. He was the PRSSA president, agency director, started a fraternity, did stand up, and played in the band. Now he works at a PR firm in the Hancock building. Dreams do come true.
  3. Your first agency job is community managing: If you get hired to work at a PR agency your job will nine times out of ten consists of managing client’s social media. This includes replying to comments, maintaining the content calendar, and planning for the response when you post something.
  4. Live by the rule of threes: If a post is worth posting, it’s worth posting three times.
  5. One hour results: When you post something on social media you receive 80% of the feedback in one hour. This means you can evaluate if your content strategy is working and adjust accordingly.
  6. Tools are a PR person’s best friend: Every job application I’ve filled out thus far has asked me if I know how to use ___. It’s extremely frustrating because they all use different tools. How in the world am I supposed to know let alone have experience using these? Kelly says you don’t have to know how to use every single one. What you need to acknowledge is that there are tools PR people use to gauge analytics. He says to put down on your application you are willing to learn them. He also said to know the key players.

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