3 Key Ideas to Content Calendar Success

Businesses, brands, and companies need content calendars. They are roadmaps to success because they allow you to have the same message across all social media accounts.

Digital marketing powerhouse Rebecca Wardlow shared three key ideas to a successful content calendar. You’ll be surprised to learn that these steps have nothing to do with the physical creation of a content calendar.



I’m just kidding, everyone knows public relations and marketing are kissing cousins.

The creation of a content calendar is a result of acquisition, activation, and monetization.

  1. Acquisition – Before you can entertain subscribers and/or readers with the content in the content calendar you have to acquire them. How do you do this? Glad you asked.

– giveaways

– discount club

– loyalty program

– educational resources

Something that requires someone to give their email and become a subscriber. Wardlow says that woobox. com obtains email addresses through social media contests.

2.  Activation – You’ve acquired subscribers (WOOHOO) now your goal is to turn them into buyers or in terms of PR lifelong relationships. You can do this by having flash sales, member only offers, or by asking them to share their stories on certain topics.

Recently The Second City in Chicago has offered free tickets to shows or movie premieres to their subscribers via email. These are member only offers that turn subscribers into buyers.

3. Monetization- You have buyers which mean you’re making money and now you can afford to create a content calendar. According to Wardlow, the content calendar’s role is to build promotion and/or connect with people. (cue the PR people). Typically the content calendar is created a year in advance. You plan the big promotions first and structure the content around that. Make sure to use evergreen content. Everything should have an end goal and for the PR people, that goal should be to connect with people.




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