Social Media, Sisters, & Social Justice

What comes to mind when I say the word CANADA?

Maybe this


or maybe this


This might be a stretch


You probably don’t think of The Catholic Church, but the sisters at Montreal’s Congregation de Notre- Dame are revolutionizing the church through the use of social media.

This movement started with a problem. The church has been around for 400 years but attendance was at an all- time low. Three sisters, Shelia Sullivan, Marilyn von Zuben, and Lorraine Costello decided to tell their story using various social media accounts.

These accounts are much more than a profile of the sisters or fun happenings at the church. They are using their platform to speak about various social issues.

“We’re no longer in schools teaching like we did, but we’re involved in other issues,” Sullivan said. “We’re involved in issues of refugees, (human) trafficking, climate change. We still believe in education, but liberating education” (Lowrie, 2016).

When you entered their site the first thing you see is a row of icons that link to the various platforms. They have taken to almost every platform to spread social justice.

Quick Facts

Facebook – @CongregationofNotreDame


518 follows

16 Check-ins

Twitter – @CNDSisters


following 732

5,306 tweets

1,027 photos and videos


YouTube – Congregation de Notre Dame

67 Subscribers

150 videos


These sisters are not 23- year- old public relations professionals, they have been with the congregation for more than 50 years. Yet they have found a way to extend a line of communication to the younger generation. That is truly remarkable.

Only time will tell if these tactics will increase congregation numbers. Either way, churches should take note of their extraordinary social media plan.

Check out their website HERE 




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