Nasty Women Making History

On Jan. 21, 2017, history was made. The New York Times estimated that 470,000 people attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C. alone. One hundred and ten cities in the United States organized a Sister March to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. This may have been the biggest grassroots campaign in history.

This march provided an opportunity for some serious brand marketing among beauty and fashion companies but surprisingly few brands took advantage. I analyzed the major makeup and fashion brands’ social media accounts for content regarding the Women’s March. I didn’t find much, a tweet here and there but even then the universal hashtag #WomensMarch was missing.

There was one brand who did it right. Nasty Gal is a fashion company founded by Sophia Amoruso. This brand supports “the girl in progress.” What exactly does that mean? Amoruso wrote an entire book on it called #GIRLBOSS. She strives to inspire women to take charge and go out of their comfort zones. I highly recommend reading her book if you’re a 20 something about to graduate college and need to be reminded how awesome you are. It changed my life.

If any fashion brand was going to support the Women’s March it would be Nasty Gal and boy did they do it justice. In a series of tweets and posts Nasty Gal invited their followers to get in on the action.

The day started with a post inviting their followers to print out posters for the march courtesy of Refinery29.


A few hours later they posted a picture at the Women’s March with a call to action to watch the day unfold on their Instagram story while sharing the hashtag #womensmarch


In true Nasty Gal fashion {get it? 😉 } the company advertised a pair of vintage sunglasses with a link to purchase them on their website.


To conclude the day the account tweeted a picture of 1960s bombshell Brigitte Bardot soaking in a bathtub.



{Her}story was made.


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