The Oscars, Junior Mints, and Research

What do roasting celebrities, political commentary, and junior mints dropping out of the sky have in common?

I’ll give you a hint.


It’s Oscars season and with it come endless opportunities for RESEARCH.


Yes, you read that right. I said Research. The Oscars could not happen without endless amounts of PRIMARY and SECONDARY research.

Primary research is conducted by you or in the case of the Oscars the event coordinating team. The purpose is to answer a specific question. That question is usually crafted from secondary research. Secondary research is kind of like a google search on steroids. The purpose is to gather ALL the previous information on your subject so that you fully understand it and so you don’t ask a question that already has an answer. In terms of the bottom line it’s a way to not waste money on a question that someone has already spent money to answer. – Now that you get it, let’s get back to The Oscars. Who exactly is the Oscar’s event coordinating team?

Glad you asked!


Her name is Cheryl Cecchetto and according to Variety  she has been the event producer for the past 25 years.

Cecchetto has conducted endless research on every aspect of event planning from what to put (or not put) on the tables to what kind of food is trending for that particular year. However, Cecchetto can’t do it alone. Event Academy explains that Cecchetto hired at least 1000 people to implement the event.

We can’t forget the beloved host of this year’s Academy Awards Jimmy Kimmel. He could have never roasted the amount of celebrities he did so effectively had he not done the research. Kimmel and his team of writers had to know everything or at least the most popular things about each celebrity. They conducted secondary research.

The Oscars is the award ceremony everyone in Hollywood lives for, but this ceremony is not possible without primary and secondary research.



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