5 ways PR undergrads can make the most of Spring Break

Ahhh Spring Break, a time to sleep in, relax, and doing absolutely nothing… unless you’re a PR major. Spring Break for PR majors is just another reminder that school is drawing to a close and there is a laundry list of things that need to be done.

Personally, spring break is a reminder that I only have two months left to try and piece together some semblance of my post grad-life. I should be securing a job, a place to live, and a will to live post-college (jk). Dark jokes aside it’s daunting, but if SWOT analyses have taught us anything it’s to find opportunities in our weaknesses.

Here are 5 ways PR undergrads can make the most of their spring break

  1. Improve your social media presence- While you are binge watching The Office for the third time consider looking at how you can improve your social media. Clean up old photos, research ways to make your LinkedIn profile an all-star profile, or edit old blogs for grammar and spelling.
  2. work on your resume- This is a great time to work on the nitty-gritty details of a resume. Polish your professional objective, make a list of all your skills to have at your disposal, even take a second look at the template you’re using. There isn’t much time to dissect a resume when you’re applying for a job.
  3.  Have coffee (or sit on the beach) with a PR professional- If you’re lucky to be traveling for spring break you should absolutely research and inquire a coffee date with a PR professional. When else are you going to be in San Francisco or Nashville or anywhere outside of where you live?
  4. Read a great business book- Reading is one of the small joys that has been used for evil in college. Reading for fun or for professional development allows your brain to dream of endless possibilities. Memoirs are great too!
  5. Be bored- After you have read this post I want you to shut off all of your devices, grab a piece of paper, go outside, and dream of everything you want out of life. Write it down. Now look at those dreams and create steps to make them happen. Do you feel better? You should. We were meant to be bored.



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