“I am freezing my eggs”

How do you get people to talk about a controversial issue like freezing your eggs? You get America’s favorite guilty pleasure to support it. Yes, I am talking about The Bachelor franchise.

Six days ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I was intrigued by a post from season 19 Bachelor winner, Whitney Bischoff. She shared a congratulatory post of season 19 third runner up and season 20 bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe.


“freezing her eggs?” interesting.

The only other person I’d heard of freezing their eggs was Celine Dion. These were my thoughts that only lasted for about 10 seconds and then I continued to scroll through Instagram.

The next day I was scrolling through Instagram yet again when I saw this.


Four women all from The Bachelor franchise? I had to investigate.

Turns out Bischoff decided to freeze her eggs when she was 27 years-old. Her job heavily influenced her decision and she said it made all the difference in her career.

“When patients ask what I would do in a particular situation, I can look at them with confidence and tell them not only what I would do, but what I did do,” Bischoff said in a Fusion article.

Now, 29, she has become a brand influencer for a powdered egg freezing lab in Chicago called OVA and she brought her best bachelor friends with her.

Carly Waddell another prominent Bachelor alum shared her journey though a series of video diaries on OVA’s website as well as promoting the clinic on Instagram.

Carly Waddell

Waddell froze her eggs a year ago. I dug through her Instagram to find mention of the fact last year and interestingly found nothing. I have a hunch that this is a strategic PR move and I think it’s brilliant.

Third wave feminism has taken full force in 2017. The Women’s March organization as well as many others is empowering women to take a stand. Making decisions about your body is one way to do just that.

Bristowe and Andi Dorfman will be embracing the same journey in a few short months. My prediction is that these brand influencers will shape a new conversation among women about their futures.





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