State of Social

“We started writing on walls and we are still writing on walls.”

That was a quote from Jeff Marcoux, CMO Lead of Microsoft in his presentation “Future Trends in Social Media.”

Last week, I had attended the Midwest Social Media Conference at Illinois State University. A conference dedicated to sharing the latest social media trends, tips, and best practices. A lot of what was discussed were things I learned in my social media strategies class which was great. I can graduate college knowing that I have the right tools in my tool belt.

Speaking of tools in the tool belt Marcoux shared what his top social media “tools” were and some of them might surprise you. Here are 4 tools to use in 2017.

  1. Virtual Reality – VR was originally made with video gamers in mind but has since become a social media phenomenon. The challenge for businesses in 2017 leveraging this tool in a cost effective way.
  2. Chatbots – I like to think a chatbot is like the 21st century replacement for an FAQ. Businesses can use chatbots to engage with their customers like never before. For example, Pizza Hut has utilized this technology by providing customers the ability to ask endless questions and even order a pizza with few key strokes.
  3. Apple Clips – Videography eats up a marketing budget, but it doesn’t have to. Apple has developed an app called Apple Clips that allows users to shoot and edit videos with the Iphone. Everyone is videographer with Apple Clips. All you need to know is how to read.
  4. Drift – This app is great for marketers who want to go above and beyond for the customer (which should be a given). Customers have the availability to ask all their questions and voice concerns before time of purchase through the messaging service Drift provides. Instead of sending emails to customers which they will probably never open this allows you to send them a message at the perfect time. Learn more here!




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