“I am freezing my eggs”

How do you get people to talk about a controversial issue like freezing your eggs? You get America’s favorite guilty pleasure to support it. Yes, I am talking about The Bachelor franchise. Six days ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I was intrigued by a post from season 19 Bachelor winner, Whitney Bischoff. […]

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5 Things Katie Rich’s Mistake Teaches us about Personal Branding 

Beloved Second City alum and Saturday Night Live writer was suspended “indefinitely” for tweeting about Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron last week. January 20, 2017 Rich tweeted, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Her tweet sparked negative responses soon after. She deleted the tweet and deactivated her account. Later in the week she […]

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Babies, Kittens, & Bacon OH MY

Have you dreamed of becoming Twitter famous? Start sharing pictures of kittens, babies, and bacon. Last Wednesday, social media guru Brian Basilico, his trusted companion Buddy Guy, and his creepy puppet skyped with my social media strategies class to share tips from his new book “The Bacon System: Sizzlin’ Hot Recipes That Grow Your Business.” […]

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Cue Gut Check

Last spring the phrase “building your brand” was one of my biggest concerns. I was in the process of filling out an application for an internship at The Second City training center in Chicago. I wanted to convey that I was hilarious, creative, and worth paying attention to but also professional. I had this idea […]

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